Beyond These Walls is a volunteer-driven organization that provides support to LGBT prisoners nationwide.

More importantly, we are queer, trans, straight, Christian, Pagan, agnostic, old, young, student, professional, artist, doctor, lawyer, farmer, parent, grandparent– united in our commitment to leave no one behind. We are located in almost every state in the US, and do whatever we can to lessen the burden of imprisonment on LGBT people.

Some of us are radical, rooted in abolitionist ideology and belief, driven to eradicate all prisons worldwide. Others are pragmatists, accepting prisons as a current reality that must be modified to be as humane as possible for those living within them. Still others feel that some crimes are worthy of imprisonment, but that many people in prison should not be there, and need support and relief.

There is no political or ideological litmus test for becoming a member of Beyond These Walls. You only need to have the desire to support LGBT prisoners by becoming a penpal, donating to the commissary fund, or sending a note during the Holiday Card Project.